Where can I register for this event?

Once I’ve registered for HLTH VRTL 2020, how long can I access the virtual event platform?

What does it cost to attend the HLTH VRTL 2020?

How can I get a receipt for my registration?

I registered for the HLTH 2020 in-person event. Can I transfer my registration to the HLTH 2020 virtual event or a future HLTH event?

Can I receive a refund for my paid registration for HLTH 2020?

Can I make changes to an existing registration or transfer a registration to someone else?

Do you offer any partial access or one day passes for the event?

Are group rates available?

I was not registered to attend HLTH 2020 in Las Vegas. Will I be able to purchase a registration for HLTH VRTL?


My company is sponsoring the HLTH 2020 live event. What happens to our sponsorship now that HLTH is virtual?

I was registered as a sponsorship complimentary registration to HLTH 2020. What happens to the comp?

Will sponsors be refunded by HLTH vendors (for example, Freeman)?

Hotel Reservations

I had a room reserved for HLTH 2020. Now that HLTH is virtual, what happens to my room reservation?


I have a question regarding media at the event, who do I contact?


How do I access the virtual platform?

Do you sell attendee lists to the HLTH event?

I’d love to be able to engage with other attendees prior to the event. Is there a way to communicate with them?