HLTH Matters was created to discover and learn from today's courageous and innovative instigators of health advancements. HLTH Matters' mission is to reveal the extraordinary personal stories of those who have the experience, knowledge, passion and solutions on how to improve health for all. Their stories will inspire others to join them in making it possible for every individual to live their best (and healthiest) lives. We invite you to listen in to our HLTH Matters digital content series - one conversation at a time. Why? Because HLTH Matters.

Cancellation of non-urgent visits and elective procedures because of COVID-19 have taken their toll on health systems, hemorrhaging their revenues. Can the pandemic-driven momentum that accelerated innovations, like telehealth and drive-through testing sites, inspire new approaches to restoring patient volume?


This bi-weekly podcast is dedicated to paving a better path forward for the future of health. Each week our hosts bring you authentic conversations with prominent speakers and thought leaders from the annual HLTH event. Through these interviews, we hope to spark new ideas and encourage new collaborations among listeners, moving us from a system of sick care to a true healthcare practice.



In the HLTH Matters video series, leaders from across the health ecosystem join as guests to share a well-mixed message of hope, encouragement and inspiration that appeals for improvements in the physical and financial well-being of individuals, families, companies, and communities struggling under the current, broken health industry.